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Founder of TechCrunch Disrupt Award-Winner MobilePayUSA Launches Mobile Wallet Media Site

Primary Press Release


Founder of TechCrunch Disrupt Award-Winner MobilePayUSA Launches Mobile Wallet Media Site

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., July 30, 2012 - Today Mobile Wallet Media is launching its new web site and blog.
The company will aggregate relevant news on mobile payments, loyalty, deals and social commerce. Company founder and CEO Randy Smith will provide expert opinion and analysis on the direction of the mobile commerce industry. The company’s Facebook and Twitter pages will be a very social community to receive and comment upon current and relevant news.

MobileWalletMedia.com features articles authored by Smith and has launched a 7-Week series named “The 7 S's Required for Success in Mobile Payments.” This series will provide a framework for further discussion, on the likely evolution, of the Mobile Wallet. In the article, Smith states, “These seven things are standard protocol in retail commerce. In transition to mobile, missing any one, will spell defeat.” A second, follow up series, is named after a term coined by Smith ‘SuperCommerce™’ and will provide in depth analysis and forecasting on the direction of the mobile commerce.

Mr. Smith, was also the primary founder and former CEO of MobilePayUSA, a TechCrunch Disrupt Award Winner. MobilePayUSA has been covered by PC Mag, Payments News, Mobile Payments Today, Into Mobile, Tech World News, Retail Solutions Online and many more. Digital Transactions listed MobilePayUSA in their 2011 and 2012 Annual Field Guide to Alternative Payments.

Smith states “Acquiring and maintaining a contemporary view of the direction of retail mobile commerce and how it is or may work with transactions, coupons, deals, ads, social and local is a difficult if not impossible task. It is required of retailers and mobile payment or marketing service providers to keep up to speed, lest they lose out. We try and do just that.” Mr. Smith says from 1996-2010 he spent 500-1,000 hours/year on R&D of conventional and cutting edge solutions for payments, loyalty, advertising, marketing, social networks and technology to prepare for the launch of MobilePayUSA in 2010.

Smith boldly proclaims his vision of the future, for the mobile wallet:

“In the next 5 years retail point of sale technology will change radically. The mobile wallet will be become the hub of all financial transactions. The way we pay, find products and discounts, support causes and redeem tickets, daily deals, gift cards, coupons, rewards and offers will all be performed through a single, simple to use and secure mobile wallet.

It will also be the gateway to retail reach. Ads and promotions will be generated by past purchases, current location and social media influence. The mobile wallet must be consumer-centric and turnkey for merchants and consumers to engage. The mobile wallet must work as simply and seamlessly as your debit or credit card does now for retail, e-commerce, Pay at Table, Pay at Pump, wireless or ATM transactions, all without major changes at point of sale.

Our financial transactions will be secured through real-time mobile GPS and pin or biometric authentication. The sharing of social security, bank account or bankcard numbers will no longer be a necessary risk to complete transactions. And the mobile phone will be used to lock and unlock doors, autos, PCs, devices and even your credit file or credit card.”

TechCrunch says “Mobile payments is a trillion dollar a year industry.”

Smith poses a key question: “What is standing in the way of adoption by merchants and consumers and how will barriers be removed?”

In August, the company will be tweeting live from two events: RetailNOW and The Prepaid Press Expo.

Media Relations: Randy Smith @ 1-888-992-2737, partners@mobilewalletmedia.com
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