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The latest news stories on mobile commerce and payments:

12/31/13 > PYMNTS: Commerce 2014: Return of the Tech

12/31/13 > PYMNTS: Looking Ahead At The Close Of 2013

12/31/13 > Bloomberg Technology: Google Chairman Says Mistake Was Missing Social Networks

12/30/13 > PYMNTS: The Target Industry Aftershock

12/23/13 > Target hack overreaction No. 2: Chip cards will stop fraud! No, they won’t. Here’s why

12/23/13 > USA TODAY: Target data breach spurs lawsuits, investigations

12/23/13 > When Will Big Retail Rethink Point-of-Sale? Sooner Than You Think

12/23/13 > A Locked Door, A Secret Meeting And The Birth Of The Fed

12/20/13 > CNN Money: Square's Dorsey returns 10% of his shares

12/20/13 > The Telegraph: One day Amazon will accept Bitcoins. That's when banks, governments get nervous

12/19/13 > Reuters: Target breach could cost hundreds of millions, probe starts

12/19/13 > The New York Times: Target Struck in the Cat-and-Mouse Game of Credit Theft

12/19/13 > The New York Times: EBay’s Strategy for Taking On Amazon

12/19/13 > VentureBeat: Why mobile retailers should ditch credit cards

12/19/13 > The Wall Street Journal: Target Hit by Credit-Card Breach

12/17/13 > CNN Money: Stripe's co-founder on visionaries vs. implementers

12/16/13 > TechCrunch: Amazon Buys Mobile Payments Startup Gopago, Working On An ‘Ambitious’ New Project

12/16/13 > ReadWrite: Facebook Rolls Out Donate Button, And Keeps Your Payment Information

12/12/13 > TechCrunch: LifeLock Acquires Mobile Wallet Platform Lemon For $42.6 Million, Launches LifeLock Wallet

12/12/13 > TechCrunch: Coinbase Raises $25M Led By Andreessen Horowitz for Bitcoin Wallet Merchant & Services

12/12/13 > PYMNTS: Loop Talks $10M Round, Sets First Product Launch Date

12/12/13 > PYMNTS: Square Acquires Personal Payments App Evenly

12/12/13 > PYMNTS: Billtrust, Open Scan Launch Tech Alliance

12/12/13 > The New York Times: It’s Hard to Summon Sympathy for Big Banks

12/12/13 > ATM Marketplace: Study confirms post-Durbin effects on debit card use

12/12/13 > LinkedIn: The Dilemma’s Innovator: The Next 10 Years Will Either Happen To Us or Because of Us

12/11/13 > PRNewswire: Leading PIN Debit Networks Form New Company

12/11/13 > PayPal Forward: PayPal Looks Ahead: Six Predictions for 2014

12/11/13 > PRNewswire: PayPal Invests in Loop Commerce

12/11/13 > BusinessWire: BitPay Exceeds $100,000,000 in Bitcoin Transactions Processed

12/10/13 > TechCrunch: iBeacon Pioneers Estimote Raise $3.1M Seed Round

12/09/13 > GIGYA: Trends in Social Sharing: The Rise of Pinterest

12/09/13 > PYMNTS: The Unexpected Power Shift In Payments

12/09/13 > GigaOM: Step aside iBeacon, Qualcomm has low-cost Gimbal Proximity Beacons

12/09/13 > GigaOM: Square redesigns Reader, making it thinner and more efficient

12/08/13 > The Wall Street Journal: Tulip Bulbs for Our Time

Read our story about this very subject published on July 8, 2013.

12/07/13 > All Things Digital: My Bitcoin Bummer — World’s Virtual Currency Plummets in Price (Again)

12/06/13 > The New York Times: Mobile Banks Gaining Popularity With Young Consumers

12/06/13 > Financial Services Club Blog: Bitcoin: all hype and bluster or a brave new world

12/03/13 > TechCrunch: Google Wallet Cards Arriving Now, But Consumer Benefits Remain Unclear

12/03/13 > PayPal Developer Blog: Announcing the PayPal Commerce Factory

12/02/13 > VentureBeat: Digital wallets: Paypal, Amazon, and credit cards are top contenders (not Apple, Google)

12/02/13 > BusinessWire: BancBox: “Half of Top-Tier CrowdInvesting Platforms Are BancBox Partners”

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