By Randy Smith,
Mobile Wallet Media
May 13, 2013
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The best CEO's have a high level of Emotional and Social Intelligence, but if they lack Innovative Intelligence, the company may struggle to meet goals and nosedive fast.
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Innovative Intelligence is a recently published book authored by Canadian consultants David Weiss and Claude Legrand. The Creative Leadership Forum in review of the book states that Innovative Intelligence is "the capability to gain insights into complex problems or opportunities, and discover new and unforeseen solutions that can be implemented." Is this not what produces great and successful companies, innovative products and leaders? Is this not what every company or organization is seeking?

Those with great Emotional Intelligence are persuasive, socially adept and socially intuitive people. They are leaders of people, great orators and salespeople. They can stir up a crowd or team into a frenzy regardless of the topic or cause. But what if the cause is not viable or worthy? What if 'Ice is just being sold to Eskimos?' Or what if the cause is morally corrupt? Both Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Innovative Intelligence (II) are morally and topically agnostic.

Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, President Obama and Hitler all possess a great deal of EI. Perhaps only Seth and Guy possess a high level of Innovative Intelligence, while Hitler quite obviously lacked altruistic behavior of any sort. In my previous article, regarding President Obama, I identified him as a Dysfunctional Dinosaur, which is to say he seems to have his head stuck in the sand, often ignoring reality and rationality and sticking with an agenda that does not have the best interest in mind of most all Americans. Do we really want our leaders to be unable or unwilling to solve problems and be morally agnostic?

Does Innovative Intelligence trump Emotional Intelligence?

Yes, II trumps EI, or at least it should. Why? If what we are building or selling is not innovative, relevant or even useful, we must ask why are we operating as such? This is like rolling boulders uphill. Those with high EI and low II may rarely stop to ask this question. They are mostly concerned with their own image or protecting their position and relevance. Why does this happen?

The fear of the loss of relevancy and drive for title or power is greater than achieving innovation that will drive SUSTAINABLE, LONG-TERM, revenues and profits. It also happens because directors, investors, executives and customers allow it to happen.

Often those with high EI and low II fail to embrace innovators out of fear they will lose their job or influence. This is a conflict of interest organizations can ill afford. The EI leader, low in II, must be humble enough to take a back seat to high II's core skills, product development and strategy, lest the company will in due time be offering irrelevant and obsolete services or none at all.

But not to ignore the value of EI, a recent article by highlights the importance of EI in leadership:

"Research has shown that emotional competence makes the crucial difference between mediocre leaders and the best. Indeed, emotional competence makes up about two thirds of the ingredients of star performance in general . . . Star performers show significantly greater strengths in a range of emotional competencies, such as the skills of persuasion, team leadership, political awareness, self-confidence, and achievement drive.

Empathy, one of the key elements of emotional intelligence, is central to good management; it is difficult to have a positive impact on others without first sensing how they feel and understanding their position."

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