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The latest news stories on mobile commerce and payments:

02/28/14 > The NY Times: The Bitcoin Blasphemy

02/28/14 > TechCrunch: What’s Not Being Said About Bitcoin

02/28/14 > Bluetooth Low Energy in public spaces

02/28/14 > CoinDesk: Bitcoin Transaction Fees To Be Slashed Tenfold

02/27/14 > The Game-Changing Nature of Beacons

02/27/14 > The mobile wallet: Latent opportunity or pipe dream? Yankee Group weighs in

02/27/14 > Payments News: Is the Target Breach the Chernobyl of Payments?

02/27/14 > Mobile Commerce Daily: Chase enters crowded mobile wallet space, rounding out its mobile strategy

02/26/14 > Bloomberg Finance: There’s a Spot in Hell Reserved for Bank Overdraft Fees

02/26/14 > PYMNTS: Bitcoin's Real Problem Isn't Mt. Gox

02/25/14 > Mobile Commerce Daily: PayPal makes a move for wearables payments

02/25/14 > CoinDesk: Why Regulating Bitcoin Won’t Work

02/25/14 > Why eBay CEO Doesn't Fear Apple Payments

02/25/14 > The NY Times: Defending Bitcoin, Andreessen Says Mt. Gox Is ‘Like MF Global’

02/24/14 > Payments News: PayPal to Support Fingerprint Authentication on Samsung's New Galaxy S5

02/24/14 > Bloomberg Tech: Bitcoin Seen as Little Threat to Payment Firms

02/24/14 > The Paypers: MasterCard launches MasterPass in-app payments solution

02/23/14 > Payments News: MasterCard to Acquire C-SAM

02/21/14 > Business Insider: A Company In China Shows How WhatsApp Could Make A Boatload Of Money

02/21/14 > re/ Why Simple, the Anti-Bank, Sold to a Giant Real Bank

02/21/14 > eMarketer: Visa’s Shiv Singh: This Year, Brands Will Learn How to Measure Real-Time Marketing

02/20/14 > TechCrunch: Bitcoin Is The New PayPal

02/19/14 > PYMNTS: Security A Key Fixture In New LoopWallet App

02/19/14 > Bloomberg: WhatsApp’s Founder Goes From Food Stamps to Billionaire

02/19/14 > Business Insider: Facebook Is Buying Huge Messaging App WhatsApp For $19 Billion!

02/19/14 > PYMNTS: Loop Releases World’s First Secure Mobile Wallet Accepted Virtually Everywhere

02/19/14 > Mobile Commerce Daily: Carriers blew their chance with mobile wallets. Next up: wearable wallets

02/19/14 > FS Club Blog: Why governments will fail to block the emergence of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin

02/18/14 > iBeacon and Bluetooth LE: Markers for the Digital Age

02/18/14 > re/code: iBeacon Sets Consumers’ Phones to Stun

02/18/14 > Portals and Rails: The Mythical End State of Security

02/14/14 > Mobile Commerce Daily: Can wearable devices push aside smartphones for mobile payments?

02/14/14 > PYMNTS: Bitcoin Payments: Igniting Or Not?

02/14/14 > PYMNTS: Square Cash Makes Payments Just An Email Away

02/14/14 > Mobile Commerce Daily: MCX partners with Paydiant as launch date remains elusive

02/14/14 > PYMNTS: U.S. Retailers, Banks Team Up On Cybersecurity

02/12/14 > ComputerWorld: Banks push for tokenization standard to secure credit card payments

02/12/14 > PRNewswire: MCX Adds Paydiant to Power Mobile Payments and Expands QSR Reach with Wendy's

02/12/14 > Forbes: Can PayPal Beat Apple, Google, Amazon And Icahn In The Wallet Wars?

02/12/14 > Payments Views: A Deposit By Any Other Name?

02/12/14 > Computer Weekly: Password-free online authentication a step closer

02/11/14 > Yahoo Finance: CARDFREE Issued Patent for Reservation & Payment System for Restaurants, Merchants

02/11/14 > Payments News: Square to Deploy in Whole Foods Markets

02/10/14 > PYMNTS: Black Swans, Payments and 1982

02/10/14 > Washington Post: Experts warn of coming wave of serious cybercrime

02/10/14 > Retail Payments Risk Forum: Chip-and-PIN, or Chip-and-Choice?

02/07/14 > The Wall Street Journal: Banks Heap Suits on Target Over Breach

02/07/14 > NY Times: When Identity Theft Hits Home

02/07/14 > Reuters: Why bitcoin won’t disrupt digital transactions

02/06/14 > PayNearMe® Triples Its Payment Volume in 2013

02/06/14 > OpenTable Starts Pilot Mobile Payment Program So You Can Pay Using phone

02/06/14 > Mashable: Will Apple's iBeacon Change the Way We Shop?

02/06/14 > Mobile Payments Today: Barcode-beaming mobile wallet launched by Clutch and Mobeam

02/05/14 > Mobile Commerce Daily: Chipotle invests big in mobile payments

02/04/14 > IBM: Insights on Business: Who will decide the future of retail payments?

02/04/14 > re/ Congress Turns Its Attention to Data Breaches

02/01/14 > GIGAOM: It’s time someone solved the US credit card fraud problem. Will it be Apple?

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