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Search, Social or SuperCommerce?
The key to commerce shall be the seamless completion of the value and convenience chain for consumers and merchants alike.
How may Google, Facebook and First Data disrupt Daily Deals? Will EVOLUTION lead
to REVOLUTION? How about M&A?
Daily Deals Manifest Destiny
Can one live on deals alone?
Tour D' Mobile Payments
Mobile Wallet & Main Street
PayPal, Google Wallet, ISIS, Square & more. What are the barriers to adoption and how they may be overcome?
The Future of Money
See the 2020 Vision!
Where will payments be in 2020? Will mobile over take cards & cash? Learn how a 'Secure, Social & Rewarding' wallet will disrupt it all?
Bridging the POS GAP
Disruption is Overdue!
NFC is Tortoise and the 2D Bar Code is the
hare. Retailers, simplify the myriad of choices!
Learn how DISRUPTION is RIPE for 2013!
Greed is NOT GOOD!
Cause Commerce IS!
Cause Commerce can set you apart! Learn what it is, why it will soon be, non-optional, and how it will add to your Social Brand.
Loyalty LIKE Never Before!
SuperCommerce is Seamless!
The convergence of Social & Rewards is here!
Learn how Top of Mind & Automation will rule! Maximize, Mobilize & Unify Ads & ROI!
Companies and leaders, to remain relevant and profitable, must embrace innovation or risk becoming irrelevant or extinct.
Top 5 Killers of Innovation!
What stands in your way?
HDTV - High Def. Total Vision Where are your Blind Spots?
Connect the dots! See the big picture!
If your Mobile Strategy is unclear, you may be
missing key pieces. Get a holistic perspective.
12/28/12 > Digital Transactions: The FDIC Urges Banks To Ride Herd on Their Mobile-Payments Partners

12/27/12 > TechCrunch: “In The Studio,” How Patrick Collison Guides Stripe In Competitive Payments World

12/26/12 > VendingTimes.com: Electronic Transactions Association Devotes Day To Mobile Payments At Spring Expo

12/26/12 > PYMNTS: Discover On Passbook: mPayments Benefits Are Increasingly Visible

12/21/12 > Springwise.com: Credit card histories analyzed to offer personal deals

12/20/12 > Mashable: 4 Ways Retailers Can Increase Sales Via Mobile

12/20/12 > Mobile Payments Today: Mobile banking expected to triple from 2012 to 2016

12/20/12 > internet RETAILER: ShopSavvy spruces up its mobile platform

12/20/12 > Bloomberg: JPMorgan Said to Buy Coupon Site Bloomspot for $35 Million

12/20/12 > Daily Deal Media: Best Practices For Social Commerce By 8thBridge

12/20/12 > InformationAge: Branded apps will integrate mobile payments, Gartner predicts

12/20/12 > Mobile Commerce Daily: Is demand strong enough to support multiple mobile POS solutions?

12/19/12 > BusinessWire: Signifyd Raises $2 Million in Seed Financing to Deliver Frictionless Payment Validation

12/19/12 > Mobile Payments Today: Commentary: Mobile commerce - approaching $1 trillion and growing

12/19/12 > Droid Life: Verizon is OK With Isis Mobile Wallet Accessing the Secure Element on Your Phone

12/18/12 > Daily Deal Media: In-App Ads Could Prove Huge for Mobile Commerce, Wealth Generation in 2013

12/18/12 > Mobile Payments Today: The big mobile payment stories of 2012

12/18/12 > FineExtra: Will Merchants or Consumers drive Mobile Merchant Payments?

12/18/12 > FOX BUSINESS: Isis Mobile Wallet: Worthy of the Hype?

12/18/12 > internet RETAILER: After Facebook & Twitter success, eMarketer revises its mobile ad sales predictions

12/17/12 > Android Community: Google launches ‘Surprise Calendar Countdown’ with daily deals til 2013

12/17/12 > blog.gopayment.com: 7 Ways to Minimize Customers’ Security Concerns about Mobile Payments

12/15/12 > All Things Digital: Should VeriFone’s Exit From the Mobile Payments Space Worry Square?

12/14/12 > internet RETAILER: Site search, SEO and mobile commerce are top priorities for U.K. retailers

12/14/12 > huffingtonpost.co.uk: Could Mobile Wallets Mean the End of 'Voucher Stigma'?

12/13/12 > BusinessWeek: VeriFone Shifting Mobile Payments Strategy to Resales

12/13/12 > Mobile Payments Today: Will m-payments replace cash? Survey provides mixed answer.

12/13/12 > Payments News: InComm Acquires Adility to Offer Integrated Commerce Solutions

12/13/12 > Mobile Payments Today: CorFire, PayPal integrate mobile commerce services

12/13/12 > Daily Deal Media: Will Retailers Survive the 2013 Push for Mobile Commerce?

12/12/12 > TechCrunch: MasterCard Backs And Partners With Mobile Wallet Infrastructure Platform C-SAM

12/12/12 > internet RETAILER: Top 20 store retailers’ mobile sites and apps fall short for some consumers

12/12/12 > Mobile Payments Today: Most retail brands miss the mark on mobile functionality, study shows

12/11/12 > Rogers.com: New video: Mobile payments explained

12/10/12 > The Wall Street Journal: Jack Dorsey Explains: Why Square Is Getting Into Gift Cards

12/10/12 > GIGAOM: Starbucks mobile vets get $10M for Cardfree mobile payments tool

12/10/12 > Mobile Payments Today: Mobile payment execs assemble!

12/10/12 > TechCrunch: With $10M In Bank, Cardfree Launches To Take On LevelUp & Square In Mobile Payments

12/10/12 > All Things D: Cardfree Raises $10 Million to Enter the Crowded Mobile Payments Business

12/09/12 > FAST COMPANY: Square Launches Gift Cards That Anyone Can Redeem, Even If You Don't Use Square

12/09/12 > BusinessWeek: Square Debuts Mobile Gift Cards in Challenge to PayPal

12/09/12 > Daily Deal Media: Daily Deals – What Merchants Need to Know

12/07/12 > VentureBeat: How Coinstar’s new kiosks puts change right in your PayPal account (video)

12/07/12 > Mobile Payments Today: Commentary: The future of cash in a mobile-digital world

12/06/12 > itunes.apple.com: Redeem your Cashback Bonus for a partner eCertificate and save it to Passbook!

12/06/12 > NFC News: Survey: Consumer want mobile payments

12/06/12 > Herald Online: Clutch Unveils First Mobile Commerce Platform to Unite Shopping, Loyalty and Gifting

12/05/12 > USA TODAY: Starbucks rolls out limited, $450 gift card

12/05/12 > readwrite.com: As Mobile-Payment Giants Bicker, Startups Step Up

12/05/12 > BusinessWire: U.S. Bank Partners with Mitek for Mobile Photo Bill Pay; Will Launch in Early 2013

12/05/12 > ZDNet: AT&T: Bullish on NFC, mobile payment trials

12/05/12 > DailyFinance: NCR Adds Self-Service & Mobile Payments to Enhance Customer Experience at Restaurants

12/05/12 > GIGAOM: LevelUp looks for success as the “Android of mobile payments”

12/05/12 > Chicago Tribune: U.S Bank to add bill payments to mobile banking services

12/04/12 > Mobile Marketer: Flash sales are retailers’ favorite mobile promotion: report - Mobile Commerce Daily

12/04/12 > ZDNet: What's next for the Daily Deals Business Model?

12/04/12 > Internet Retailer: Lawsuits highlight potential risks in text message programs

12/04/12 > Mashable: Urban Airship Extends Mobile Commerce Opportunities With Tello Acquisition

12/04/12 > Mobile Payments Today: TabbedOut goes to Washington

12/03/12 > Mobile Marketer: Why mobile wallets are the new credit card - Mobile Commerce Daily

12/03/12 > Chicago Tribune: Discover testing fingerprint payments

12/03/12 > TechCrunch: Dwolla Launches Guest Checkout, Allows Shoppers To Pay With Dwolla W/out Signup

12/03/12 > Payments News: USA Technologies and Isis Bring Mobile Commerce to Vending Machines

12/01/12 > ecommercetimes.com: Andrew Mason Remains Groupon’s CEO – At Least for Now

12/01/12 > ecommercetimes.com: Groupon Teams w/ MLB for “Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiential Packages”

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